Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Britney WILL be on Glee

According to the Glee creator, Britney Spears WILL be appearing on the hit TV show when it's second season returns in September. Check out digitalspy.co.uk's full report on what the Glee boss says about Britney being in the show...

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has claimed that Britney Spears will be appearing on the show.

Murphy announced last month that the show will pay tribute to the popstar and has now revealed that he expects her to star in the programme.

Zap2It reports that Murphy told Ryan Seacrest: "I think Britney, 100%, is going to be on the episode."

Murphy explained that during the special, the characters will visit the dentist (John Stamos) and have fantasies brought on by the anaesthesia. Spears is expected to appear in one of the dream sequences.

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