Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kelly Rowland to re-release "Ms. Kelly"

Despite Kelly Rowland's latest album "Ms. Kelly" only being released in June, her record label and management team are already prepping a re-release of the album. This is due to poor sales of the album. So far, the album has sold about 300,000 copies worldwide, which isn't that bad!
The re-issue of the album hasn't got a release date as of yet, but it will feature new songs and perhaps a bonus DVD according to reliable sources.
The above cover is slate to be the official cover of the re-release, however it could just be fan-made.
Will you be buying the Ms. Kelly re-release?

Ashley Tisdale Video Premieres

^^Ashley Tisdale - Not Like That

^^Ashley Tisdale - Suddenly

^^Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

3 fantastic new video's from Ashley Tisdale's first album "Headstrong", which is reissued later on the in the year. "He Said, She Said" premiered a few days ago, however "Suddenly" and "Not Like That" premiered last night.
What Do You Guys & Girls think?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliot & Lil' Kim - Live On BET 106.

Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliot and Lil' Kim performed at BET 106 this week with their hit single "Let It Go". The performance was brilliant, really energetic and the crowd loved it.
In other Keyshia news, "Let It Go" climbed 3 spots to #7 on Billboard Hot 100 whilst her new album "Just Like You" reached #2 this week with over 300,000 copies sold. Well done Keyshia!
Would love to know what you thought on this one.

Avril Lavigne - Update!

Watch out for Avril Lavigne's video for new single "Hot" which will be premiered on October 5th. It is the third single from her massive-selling third album "The Best Damn Thing".
As for the album, it has (since April) sold 4.3 million copies worldwide. It's already been confirmed platinum in both the UK and the US.
Meanwhile, Avril is featured on the cover of the followi g magazine, to promote "Hot".

Any Comments?
Would love to know what you thought.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like [Live @ Pepsi Smash]

Despite only charting at a dissapointing 104 on the US chart, Nicole Scherzinger is still doing the rounds of US TV and performing "Whatever U Like" at every oppurtunity. It's been confirmed officially that "Baby Love" will serve as the lead single from Nicole's debut "Her Name Is Nicole", but as of yet, there has not been one performance of that song! How odd, but it's still great to see HOT performances like the one above. Enjoy!
Tell me what you think about the performance!

Mariah Carey - "M" [TV Ad]

Mariah is releasing her debut perfume "M" and she premiered the T.V advert for the fragrance on MTV last night. The advert is flawless, Mariah looks beautiful and it's great to see her again. MC has spent the past year working on her new album which has now been confirmed for a release date of 5th December. Stay tuned for updates on the album.
Any Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Michael Jackson "Vogue" Photoshoot

Watch the above video to see stills from the upcoming edition of Italien Vogue - with an exclusive Michael Jackson spread. Michael is currently in the process of releasing a new album and is slowly getting his name back out there (for good reasons). He has kept a really low profile the last couple of years and it's great to see him do photoshoot's like this. Watch out for the new album - Coming Soon!
Any Thoughts on this one?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alicia Keys & Rihanna Video Premieres

Two massive R&B artists. Two new videos. Take a look!

^^Alicia Keys - No-One

^^Rihanna featuring Ne-Yo - Hate That I Love You
Any Thoughts On These Videos?
Would love to know what you all thought.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love [Video]

Nicole Scherzinger has just this moment premiered the video for her new single "Baby Love", which features The video is fantastic, and althought I thought nothing could top "Whatever U Like", I think "Baby Love" is just as good as Nicole's first single. I think this can be big!
What Do You Think?
Comments are really appreciated.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride [Tracklisting Revealed]

Carrie Underwood has revealed the tracklisting for new album "Carnival Ride", released next month in the USA. The Album is released on October 23rd.
Track List:
1. Flat On The Floor
2. All-American Girl
3. So Small
4. Just A Dream
5. Get Out Of This Town
6. Crazy Dreams
7. I Know You Won’t
8. Last Name
9. You Won’t Find This
10. I Told You So
11. The More Boys I Meet
12. Twisted
13. Wheel Of The World
What do you think? Any comments on this?

Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well [Live On Parkinson]

Here's the youtube performance of "Do It Well" that J.Lo did on UK chat show "Parkinson" last night. I stayed up late to watch the performance and her interview with Parky, and it was great.
What Do You Think About Her Performance?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Melanie C & Ashley Tisdale - New Video's

Melanie C and Ashley Tisdale have premiered their new video's in the last couple of days. Ashley's "He Said, She Said" is the lead single from the re-release of her "Headstrong" album whilst Melanie C's video for "This Time" is the 4th single from her album of the same name. Take a look...

^^Melanie C - This Time

^^Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

What Do You Think of The Videos?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable [Album Cover]

^^ Official New Album Cover.
I love it.
I would love to know what you thought about this one!

Carrie Underwood - So Small [Video]

The video for Carrie Underwood's new single "So Small" premiered this morning. The ballad is taken from Carrie's forthcoming album "Carnival Ride". The video is really good.. so take a look!
Any Thoughts On The Video?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keyshia Cole - Just Like You [Music Review]

I have decided to review Keyshia Cole's new album "Just Like You". It's being released this month and is the follow up to 2005's "The Way It Is". The first single is "Let It Go", a US R&B #1, which features Missy Elliot and Lil' Kim.

1. Let It Go [Featuring Missy Elliot & Lil' Kim]
The first single, every Keyshia fan knows this one. It's a great 90's slowjam and Missy and Kim's raps are great. It's really catchy and the video is good too.

2. Didn't I Tell You [Featuring Too $hort]
Wow! Didn't see this one coming. It kind of sounds like a song that Ciara or Kelis would record, but Keyshia sounds great on this. It's really fresh, really upbeat and would sound great in the clubs. Possible new single maybe?

3. Fallin' Out
Wow this has a really cool old school vibe going on. It can be a tad repetitive but Keyshia's vocals are on point and I've read on other sites that this is a contender for a single!

4. Give Me More
One of the standout tracks for me. The track has such a good beat and its really catchy! I reccomend this song highly.

5. I Remember
This one sounds like a Mary J. Blige song to me. It's nice enough, but nothing special. But once again, Keyshia's vocals are outstanding. Also, it sounds similar to Keyshia's hit single "Love".

6. Shoulda Let You Go [Featuring Amina]
DarkChild produced this one, and it shows. This is the second single and it sounds like Mary J's "Enough Cryin'", which DarkChild also produced. Very good song, a highlight.

7. Heaven Sent
This is my favourite!!!!!!!! It's so sweet, it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I love it. The lyrics are beautiful.

8. Same Thing [Interlude]
Keyshia singing/talking over a nice beat. Not bad, but not essential to the album!

9. Got To Get My Heart Back
Hmmm not a bad track, but not as good as the first 7 songs on the album. It doesnt' really go anywhere for me.

10. Was It Worth It?
Another standout track. Really deep song and B. Cox did a good job on the production of this.

11. Just Like You
Kind of reminds me of a Mariah Carey type of song, it's a good title track - but like "Got To Get My Heart Back", it's nothing special. Bit annoying.

12. Losing You [Featuring Anthony Hamilton]
Very old school! Anthony Hamilton fans will love this, but I'm not so convinced. It can be a little boring listening to it, but it's not awful.

13. Last Night [Featuring Diddy]
We all know this one! A great song, and a different edit to Diddy's version. It was a massive hit for Keyshia and its good that she included this on the album.

14. Work It Out
Probably the weakest track, but it's a good album closer. Nothing special to say about this song at all.

Have You Heard The Album?
Tell me what you think of it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alanis Morrissette - Underneath [Video]

Canadian Superstar Alanis Morissette is back with a new album and a new single called "Underneath". The video premiered today and even thought it's really low quality, it seems to be a good video. Alanis sounds better than other and the track sounds really up-to-date, but still manages to keep that Alanis magic which made her famous in the first place.
Any Comments?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ashanti - Single and Albums News

Ashanti has been quiet on the music front over the past few years after starring in a couple of successful films such as "John Tucker Must Die" and the forthcoming "Resident Evil" movie. But now Ashanti is back with the first single of her upcoming album - "Hey Babe (After The Club)" . The new album "The Declaration" is due out on December 4th. Buzz single "Switch" was leaked a few months ago and it's expected to feature on the album! Watch out for the single and album coming soon!

50 Cent defends Britney Spears

Rapper 50 Cent has defended singer Britney Spears and her performance at this years VMA's. He might have had a little dig at Kanye West in the process but everything he said was true. 50 Cent said the following...

"Kanye expressed that he felt that Britney shouldn't be actually opening the show - almost like he forgot that Britney Spears sold 50 million records," 50 told Ryan Seacrest. "She did. He is not thinking about her full body of work. She deserved to headline the show better than anybody else that was on it - even in the state that she is in."

50 Cent spoke the truth with this one. Britney has achieved so much in the space of about 5 years and Kanye can only dream of having her success. Maybe a Britney and 50 colloboration is on the cards? Haha maybe not...

Any Thoughts/Comments?

Rihanna - Hate That I Love You [Live @ AOL]

Rihanna performed for AOL yesterday and sang her new single "Hate That I Love You". The track, featuring Ne-Yo, is expected to be a big hit from the Bajan's singer's #1 album "Good Girl Gone Bad". As for the performance, Rihanna was on point with the singing and is proving critics wrong when they critisize her vocal abilities. Take a look for yourself...

Tell Me What You Think Of The Performance.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love [New Single]

X-Factor Winner Leona Lewis has finally premiered her new single "Bleeding Love". After having
a quiet year, Leona is back with a bang with this 80's sounding tune - and it's actually fantastic. She has really delivered and hasn't gone down the route of letting people right songs for her. Have a listen....

>>Download Here<<

What Do You Think of The Song?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mary J. Blige Album News

R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop singer Mary J. Blige will release a new album on November 20th. The album, expected to be called "Growing Pains", is expected to be huge after 2005's "The Breakthought" which sold 700,000 copies in it's first week. Mary has a good chance of emulating that success but has stiff competition by other females releasing in November, including Nicole Scherzinger, Mya, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Britney Spears! Watch this space.
Will You Be Buying MJB's new CD?

Natasha Bedingfield & Gwen Stefani Video Exclusives

Two lovely blonde ladies premiered their video's today on UK music channel B4. Althought Gwen's new video for "Now That U Got It" had a sneak little preview on TRL earlier this month, it's only now that we see the full video! As for Natasha's video - it's a sweet and lovely video and I think both songs will do well on the charts!

^^Natasha Bedingfield - Say It Again

^^Gwen Stefani - Now That U Got It

What Are Your Thoughts On These Videos?
Comments are appreciated.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable [Video]

American Boyband Backstret Boys premiered their video for new single "Inconsolable" on Yahoo Music this morning. Take a look and tel me what you think...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sugababes - Change [Album Cover]

UK Pop group Sugababes are prepping the release of their 5th studio album "Change", due out next month, and the above picture is the supposed cover. I like the cover and it kind of reminds of the "Three" era. The single "About You Now" precedes the albums release and looks set to be a huge hit.
Any Thoughts Of The Cover?

Monrose - Strictly Physical [Video]

German Pop-Trio Monrose are releasing their second album this month and the video for the new single "Strictly Physical" premiered today! The song itself is really sexy and sumptious and the video is the same, it's great. These girls are really hot, take a loook...

Ashley Tisdale - Video Sneak Peeks!

Despite releasing her debut album over 6 months ago, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is yet to release an official single from the album. She will be releasing "He Said, She Said", "Not Like That" and "Suddenly" all at the same time - with video's as well. Here is a sneak peak of all the 3 video's! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Omarion & Kat DeLuna - Cut Off Time [Video]

Omarion and Kat DeLuna have recorded a track for a new movie "Feel The Noise" and they have recorded a video for it. The song and the video are both good. Take a loook ^^

Janet Jackson - New Album [Update!]

R&B/Pop Superstar Janet Jackson is keeping tight-lipped on her forthcoming album. Her and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri were at MTV VMA's and the revealed different things about the new album. According to JD it will be released "Soon" and Janet said about the album that she is "doing her". Ooooh, take a look...

Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse - Valerie [Video]

This is the third single from Mark Ronson's album "Version" and its a colloboration with Amy Winehouse! It's a great song, and will do well on the charts - but the video is such a dissapointment! Amy Winehouse isn't in it and they have some "wannabe" in her place.

Comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Robyn - Handle Me [Video]

"Handle Me" is Swedish singer Robyn's new single. It's being released in the UK soon and the song is my favourite from her new album. Robyn's last singer peaked at #1 in the UK and I'm sure this song will do well!

You Like?

Mya - Liberation [Update!]

R&B Superstar Mya was expected to drop her new album "Liberation" this month but suddenly was taken off the release schedule! However, has confirmed that Mya release the album on October 23rd! The album has been waiting release for over a year now so hopefully October 23rd will be a date that sticks!
Rap-Up reported the following...

Mya’s Liberation Gets Oct. 23 Release Date

Mya’s much delayed album Liberation has a new release date of October 23rd. The R&B singer recently released a video for her second single, “Ridin’.” Let’s see how long this new date sticks.

Good news?

Kelly Rowland - Ghetto [Video]

Kelly Rowland's new single "Ghetto" premiered on BET last night! Hurrah! The track which, featuring Snoop Dogg, is the second single off her latest album "Ms. Kelly". The album has had a good chart run (selling approx. 250,000 copies WW) but this song is expected to be huge! It's a good song but the album has so much more to offer. Rumour is that "Work" will be released in the UK soon with a video! Watch this space...

Any Comments?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears "Gimme More" VMA Performance

Well, she did it! It might have been perfect but Britney Spears performed at the last nights VMA awards and it was a good performance overall. The show as a whole was underwhelming and Britney's dancing and choreography was by far the best, in my opinion. Alicia Keys and Rihanna also gave stellar performances.Apparently though, the performance didn't go to plan at all. On-lookers commented that Britney looked upset during her performance and at the end of it, she looked relieved. According to reliable sources, Sarah Silverman, some American D-Lister, said that Britney's kids were "mistakes" and other nasty comments. Britney was said to be distressed.

Additionally, its been revealed that she threatened NOT to peform because MTV wouldn't give her creative control of the performance. She wanted a magic show theme and she had worked with magician Criss Angel - they planned that Britney would dissapear and then re-appear and there would be illusions with mirrors! That would have been brilliant.

So no wonder Britney was a bit upset during her performance :(

MTV said the following... No snakes. No same-sex kisses. No magic tricks. No skimpy outfits. OK, plenty of skimpy outfits. After all, it's Britney, bitch, right? With one of the most anticipated openings in VMA history, Britney Spears, got the party started Sunday night (September 9) with a James Bond-meets-underground S&M club slither through her new single, "Gimme More."

Opening with a close-up of the back of her head, Spears stared into the camera with the opening lines to "Trouble," made famous by the ultimate Las Vegas legend, Elvis: "If you're lookin' for trouble, you came to the right place/ If you're lookin' for trouble, look right in my face."

The camera panned out to reveal Spears decked out in acres of bling, including a black, jewel-encrusted bra and hot pants, black boots and nothing else. Sashaying in and out of dancers

With images of chandeliers floating on the screen behind her mixed with silhouettes of women befitting the intro reel to a James Bond flick, Spears walked across the stage as her scantily clad dancers worked a series of stripper poles scattered throughout the room.

At least one VIP, 50 Cent, appeared to be enjoying the multimedia experience. And then, after all that hype, a relieved-looking Brit gave a shy smile, whispered "thank you" and exited. in skin-tight leather, Spears sang the refrain "Gimme, gimme more" as she literally stepped over the back of a male dancer and got intimate with another.

What Did You Think About The Performance?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Celine Dion - Taking Chances [New Single]

The full version of Celine Dion's new single "Taking Chances" has premiered today! It's a good song, and a great comeback single in my opinion.

What's your opinion on the song?

Nelly Furtado Goes Blonde!

Canadian superstar Nelly Furtado has gone blonde! Nelly, who is wide-known as a beautiful brunette, is performing at tonight's MTV VMA awards. What do you think of the hair?

Britney Spears - VMA's Rehearsal [Video]

MTV has posted a short clip of Britney Spears rehearsing for the opening of the VMA awards tonight. Britney is set to open the show with new single "Gimme More" and finish with "Cry", a new not heard before ballad. The sneak preview looks great and the dance moves are amazing! It has been rumored that Britney has been working with magician Chriss Angel so her performance can be truly "magical". Take a look...

What Do You Think?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cleo - Feelin' This [Video]

Cleo, a former member of 90's R&B/Pop group Cleopatra, is releasing her debut album soon and this is the first single. The video is really good, and I like the song thanks to a tip from a visitor to the site! Thanks, and take a look...

Any Thoughts?

Vanessa Carlton - Heroes & Thieves [Album Cover]

This is the cover of Vanessa Carlton's third album "Heroes & Thieves".
It's a nice one, but what do you think of it?

Celine Dion - Taking Chances [30-sec Clip]

Canadian Superstar Celine Dion is preparing the release of her new english album "Taking Chances", and here is a sneak preview of her new single of the same name. What do you think of the clip?

Mya - Ridin' [Video]

The video for Mya's new single "Ridin'" premiered today, and it's brilliant. The video, and the song, have a really cool old school vibe going on and it's a good video. Hopefully, the forthcoming album "Liberation" will not be pushed back again. I hope this track does well on the charts, it so far has peaked at #58 on the R&B charts with no promotion so that's a good sign I hope! Take a look...

What do you think of the video?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game [Live]

Amy Winehouse has been having a difficult past month with accusations of drug abuse but she still managed to perform at the Mercury Album Of The Year Award Show. Her #1 album might not have won the prestigious album of the year award, but she stole the show with her live performance of album track "Love Is A Losing Game". The Klaxons eventually won the award but even they admitted that Amy was the star of the show. This is a must-see...

Any Thoughts?

Sugababes - About You Now [Video]

The new video for Sugababe's new single "About You Now" premiered today, and it's quite good. I love the song (which was produced by Dr. Luke who has worked with Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne) and it's a different sound for the trio. As for the video, the girls look beautiful and the cinematography is great but it's lacking the Sugababes magic we see in their other video's. Have a look...

Any Thoughts?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well [Video]

The video for Jennifer Lopez's latest video is amazing! Contender for music video of the year for me. It's fast-paced, full of action and J.Lo just looks amazing. Her comeback is shaping up well and with this video under her belt, I think she is going to have a hit on her hand. Take a look for yourself....

What Do You Think Of The Video?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ashlee Simpson - Murder [Official New Single]

Ashlee Simpsons new single is confirmed to be "Murder". It hasn't leaked yet but according to Ashlee's label "Geffen", the single should be available from Friday. Here's what the website stated...

Ashlee Simpson

Release Details

Released: 9/7/2007
Label: Geffen

Sounds interesting! Last month it was reported that Ashlee's new single will be called "I Don't Wanna Fight" but I guess we have to see what happens!

Any Thoughts?

Rihanna's "Umbrella" meant for Britney?

It has been revealed that Rihanna's smash hit single "Umbrella" (which 'reigned' on the UK Singles Chart for 10 weeks) was originally meant for Britney Spears! I can't imagine Britney singing on Rihanna's signature track but it would of been cool to hear Britney's version!
Here's the article...

Rhianna’s number one smash hit song, ‘Umbrella,’ was originally written for Britney Spears, according to reports.

The revelation has emerged after the song’s creator, American music producer Tricky Stewart, told another one of his artists that Britney Spears never got back to him about the track, reports WENN.

Singer and songwriter Taio Cruz revealed: "I was working with Tricky in his studio the day he finished Umbrella. As soon as I heard it I said, 'That is a smash, I have to have it,' but he told me it was on hold for Britney.”

What do you think of this news?

Gwen Stefani - Now That U Got It [Video Sneak Preview]

Here is a two-minute clip of Gwen Stefani's latest video for "Now That U Got It". The track, which the single version features Damien Marley, is the fourth single to be released from Gwen's album "The Sweet Escape". The video looks excellent, and will be fully premiered later on the in the week. I'll the post the final version of the video ASAP, but for now - enjoy the clip!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jennifer Lopez - Brave [Tracklisting Revealed] has revealed the official tracklisting for Jennifer Lopez's new album "Brave". The 11-track set looks awesome, and it features the single "Do It Well, buzz track "Hold It, Don't Drop It", plus "Miles In My Shoes" and "Wrong When You're Gonee" which had samples leaked a while back. From what we've heard so far, this is album is going to be amazing - a real hit! Here's the tracklisting....

01. Stay Together
02. Hold It, Don’t Drop It
03. Do It Well
04. Gotta Be There
05. Never Gonna Give Up
06. Mile In These Shoes
07. The Way It Is
08. Be Mine
09. I Need Love
10. Wrong When You’re Gone
11. Brave

What Do You Think Of The Tracklisting?
Hit Or Miss?

(Also, watch out for the premiere of Jennifer's new video for "Do It Well" on 6th September on Yahoo Music!!)