Monday, July 13, 2009

Shakira's new album has dance vibes

Info on Shakira's upcoming 3rd English album "She Wolf" :

Shakira has revealed that she decided to concentrate on the dance genre when recording her new album.

The 32-year-old singer realised that she wanted to transform her sound after teaming up with Pharrell Williams for her latest studio disc, which is due out on September 21.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained: "It's all about the bottom end. I really wanted to explore different dance beats and cultures on the new record. I did my research and looked into different kinds of rhythm. Plus Pharrell is a genius with beats so it came together really fast."

She added: "I'm always trying new things. It's important for me to keep interested. But the main thing was I wanted to be able to dance to this record."

The star is also preparing for the release of her new single 'She Wolf', which is expected to be the album's title track.

Shakira commented: "It's about a domestic girl who breaks free. I think we all have the wolf in us ready to come out."


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