Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Paula Abdul clip!

Check out this exclusive clip of the new single from Paula Abdul - titled "Boombox". The single will be released soon and will be taken from Paula's forthcoming 4th album!

What do you think of the clip?


Anonymous said...

i love it! her vocals are sooo much better and so much more real and mature here than in her last song. you know, shes always sounded soo young when shes singing, here she finally sounds more her age. i LOVE it

Shawn Trimper said...

I cant wait for this.I love it too I really hope she realeases a complete album or at least an ep with more new tracks cus Ive been waiting for new paula music forever.

Anonymous said...

Paula Abdul is a thief, this is Kylie Minogue's song.
'Boombox' was recorded by Kylie ages ago.